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PVF Scaffold for Solar PV

Nationwide Scaffolding Service for the Solar PV Industry

Having ridden the waves of expansion and contraction of the renewable energy market place following the governments misguided interference with the Feedin Tariffs for Solar PV, together with the perennially delayed RHI, PVF Scaffolding fully understands its renewable energy customers deep desire for stability wherever possible.  Our dedicated account manager and fixed rate pricing regardless of location enables scaffolding to be removed from the long list of variables on your cost sheet.

PVF Scaffolding understands that you only need roof access for a few days at the most and that your customer will be very keen to have the scaffold removed as soon as you have finished.  We also understand the need for Gin wheels that allow panels to be safely hoisted clear of the handrail and edge protection that does not interfere with rail mounting.

With our full coverage of England and Wales let PVF Scaffolding take care your roof access requirements, as the likes of British Gas have done for the last few years.


Dedicated Account Manager

Health & Safety

What do we mean? All account managers are based in our head office, one of which will become your sole point of contact for all of your scaffolding requirements.  Your account manager will learn your business requirements and exact needs ensuring that both you and your customers have the smoothest of scaffold experiences.

Our customers often refer to their account manager as “like having an extra member of staff without the wage bill”

At PVF Scaffoldingwe take great pride in our safety record and work strictly to TG20:13 standards to ensure we maintain it.  Every aspect from design to pull testing and inspections are carried out using the latest software and equipment as we strive to stay at the forefront of the industry.

Our site safety, safety updates and staff training are all overseen by Citation, one of the leading 3rd party Health and Safety consultancies who ensure we meet our H&S objective of Zero Accidents.

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