Scaffolding managed services

How do you price for the scaffold element of your project? Often companies rely on data gathered from previous projects or standardised meter squared prices.

As a customer of PVF, regardless of the volume of work you entrust with us, PVF will price accurately each tender you send to us. This service allows our customers to comfortably reduce the guesswork from what is often a significant proportion of the project cost (Scaffolding) meaning overall tender prices can be reduced increasing the chance of success, or just as importantly, priced correctly ensuring their margin is protected.

PVF has a quotes team that spends all day everyday pricing scaffold works for both won and tendered business for our customers. These office-based team members are supported in the field with our local field operatives for the eyes on the ground when required.

This combination allows 24 business hour response times helping you achieve those tight deadlines on urgent tenders.

If PVF is managing your scaffold, then every single scaffold will have to pass a scaffold inspection before handover by one of our team of in-house scaffold inspectors.

This is unique as normally a scaffold inspection by a qualified scaffold inspector would not happen unless commissioned as the 7 days Scaff Tag renewal can be completed by a card bearing scaffolder.

PVF’s approach gets the second set of independent eyes on every scaffold we erect for our customers regardless of size or complexity. Should you already have a scaffold up and wish to have it independently inspected PVF can provide this facility.

If you already have a scaffold up and you have doubts over its suitability or conformity then PVF will happily perform a full audit and report for you.

Should changes be required, PVF can issue guide pricing or quote to complete the work. In dispute situations, PVF offers mediation and resolution service should it be required.

If you have images of scaffolds that have not been provided by PVF, we can retrospectively audit them using our in-house scaffold inspectors.

There are many scaffold design companies in the UK, all of whom can provide you with a scaffold design.  However, that design is only as good as the information provided to the designer, both in terms of your requirement and also the details of the site in question.

PVF will attend site and not only perform the relevant surveys but also walk through the intended use with all of the contractors that will use the scaffold to ensure the design will not have to have costly revisions, or worse, the scaffold will need amending after completion. Once you are pleased with the design PVF can, of course, build the scaffold using one of our network partners before auditing the completed scaffold against the design prior to  handover.

Many of our customers require a single scaffold at a residential property ranging from an access tower to get to a boiler flu to 2 sides of Scaffold to the roof for the installation of Solar panels.

PVF can deliver a fully compliant package to any postcode in England Wales and Scotland within 48hrs, even offering fixed national pricing. PVF’s fixed pricing allows our customers to take the guesswork out of scaffold budgeting and protect their margins from the regional variances that exist across the UK.

Our customers not only benefit from the ease of having a single point of contact for all their scaffold requirements, but they also save money.