Health & Safety

  • Accreditations

    • At PVF Scaffolding Ltd, we are continuously striving to improve our work practices and of course, Health & Safety is paramount in everything that we do.

      PVF is proud to carry the many accreditations we display here. The base of all accreditations is our three ISO’s. PVF’s quality management system ensures our customers have the same level of service, response and communication at all times regardless of external factors, something put to the test during the recent COVID-19 pandemic, during which PVF was able to operate via our disaster recovery plan with no interruption or disruption to our service provision.

      PVF holds more accreditations than possibly required with many duplicating each other’s purpose, this is simply a result of ensuring we can work with any potential customer regardless of their PQQ criteria. The benefit of this mass of accreditations often manifests itself when working for a customer whose client requires downstream contractors to meet their requirements, a situation PVF always passes.

  • Health & Safety Partners

    • Partnerships to make sure everybody goes home safely
      • PVF Scaffolding Ltd has a long standing relationship with both Citation and RoSPA
      • Access to changes in legislation as and when they happen
      • All of our processes, both in and out of the office are audited each year to maintain compliance
      • Clear lines of communication between internal and external Health & Safety Practitioners
      • Proudly promoting continual development throughout our organisation
  • ISO45001 Occupational Health & Safety

    • Safety starts with our ISO 45001:2018 Accreditation

      Proactive H&S performance improvement is at the very core of PVF’s everyday operational activity.

      This starts with the most in-depth onboarding process for our network members, through to the web platform we use to send online training courses for a wide range of suitable topics to members.  Our methods work and we are able to report zero accidents on our sites to date, and this approach provides the reassurance and comfort that our clients desire.

    • Key Benefits of ISO 45001:2018
      • Reduction of workplace incidents
      • Creation of a Health & Safety culture within the business
      • Reinforced leadership commitment to proactively improve H&S performance
      • Know that all of your access requirements are in safe hands
      • Internal auditing system provides an ‘early warning system’ to help spot potential threats to health and safety


  • Network of Health & Safety Practitioners throughout the UK

    • Continual Health & Safety Audits
      • Close partnerships with 3rd party Health & Safety Practitioners
      • Random spot checks carried out on live sites to maintain safe working practices
      • Any recommendations discussed and processes updated if required
      • Audits carried out on both domestic and commercial projects
  • Team of Internal Scaffolding Inspectors

    • Every single scaffold inspected prior to being handed over
      • Peace of mind in knowing that the scaffold structure is safe and meets all of your individual requirements
      • Image of completed scaffold sent to you before your workers arrive on site
      • No expensive wasted man days
      • PVF take full liability of the scaffolding and so you don’t have to worry
      • Concentrate on your core business knowing that the scaffolding is fully taken care of